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    Mahad Manpower is committed to finding First Class Personnel to serve its world-class clients. We offer a comprehensive international recruitment service that meets the company’s job requirements and creates the job description based on skills requirements. The report should include the requirements for skills required for the job.

    Compellingly embrace empowered e-business after user friendly intellectual capital. Interactively actualize front-end processes with effective parallel task fully researched.

    Recruitment methods

    • Direct marketing
    • Employee referrals
    • Employment agencies
    • Recruitment events
    • Word of mouth


    • Contractual take-on
    • Face to face interaction
    • Referencing screening
    • Support for induction procedures
    Shaking hand of speaker
    friendly intellectual capital.

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    We’ve been thriving in 26 years

    Mahad Manpower Uganda is the leading provider of human services empire business services. We can simplify your life by having a professional advisor. Experts are attentive and knowledgeable employees. They provide the best training for functions.

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    Benefits of Manpower Services


    One of the prime reasons people would want to outsource a manpower service is to employ the right people & reduce costs. Outsourcing a manpower service saves companies the massive cost of hiring full-time manpower recruiters with access to only limited resources.

    • Optimize the HR service delivery model
    • Rationalize spend for shared services
    • Workforce costs Optimize via smart total rewards models
    Easy Coordination

    While hiring manpower, there’s a lot the recruiter needs to understand & coordinate with the employer & the employee. Manpower hiring agencies are instrumental in being mediators between the company & workforce, making the process way more manageable.

    • Emphasizing your ability to follow directions
    • Indicating strong planning capabilities
    • Highlighting your career successes
    Better quality

    Manpower agencies have the money & time to create a pool of skilled manpower. Besides, they also have the recognition skills to assess the right worker. They search for people with the required skillset & training & other requirements.

    • Be purposeful when you communicate
    • Train and develop your team
    • Build a culture of well-being and support
    Quick Service

    These companies have massive data & contacts for hiring small to large workforces. Hence, these companies quickly help you provide staffing compared to in-house hiring services.     

    Every business wants to achieve success & generate higher profits with optimum costs & performance. Hiring & firing employees over & over again can lead to additional expenses for the companies. On the contrary, hiring the right candidate after assessing their skills & talents can lead to better productivity. This makes manpower hiring a crucial process.  

    • Add quick replies for common questions
    • Include product links in chat
    • Assign chats to different staff