What Is Global Sourcing?

Global Sourcing is a specialist service designed to meet the requirements of multinational companies who are considering hiring Uganda and expatriate talents in the leadership, senior or middle level in the absence of Ugan. Mandates are offered by an expert consultant team who focuses exclusively on such projects. Our research-driven approach and strong connections between the Uganda and global talent pool, as well as our expertise in sourcing will put us in a position of adding substantial benefit to the hiring process.

Global sourcing refers to a procurement strategy that a business uses to find the most cost-effective location for manufacturing one or more of its products. For instance, if a toy manufacturer discovers that it is more cost-efficient to have its products manufactured in a foreign country because of the lower wages of employees in that country, it may shut down its factory and outsource its manufacturing to a foreign manufacturer instead. Global sourcing involves more than just searching for products globally. It is also an effort to improve certain aspects of manufacturing, such as:

  • Supplier selection and performance
  • Speed to market
  • Estimation of product costs
  • Trade compliance
  • Auditing

Levels of Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing
  • Domestic purchases only
  • International purchases made on an as-needed basis
  • Sourcing strategy that includes global purchasing
  • Centrally-coordinated purchasing across global locations
  • Global coordination and integration with other functional groups

The Global Sourcing job consulting

Global corporations are looking into recruiting people from Uganda and are aware of the flexibility and professionalism of Indian talent, which has been proven and demonstrated without doubt in recent times. Expertise in the field, multi-tasking capacity, adaptability and work experience in a highly complex Uganda market are the main factors that make global organizations search for talent. Mahad Manpower is well positioned to serve the needs of this market due to its leadership and dominant position within Executive Search & Selection in Uganda.

is an essential task for businesses, and when searching for Global talent, it may be an issue. From prospective employers’ perspective, getting an overseas job is easy. In this case, hiring an overseas recruiter could be life-saving. Companies worldwide search for the best Global consultant to help fill their positions. We will provide you with the most crucial steps to follow in Global Recruitment.

Sourcing partners

The popularity of global sourcing is responsible for the growth of professional agencies in souring activities.

Green logistics

the center stage in business growth. Companies are taking serious measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Global quality standards

Quality assurance is a major step in sourcing. Be it domestic or global level sourcing, quality parameters.

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