Foreign Recruitment

Mahad Manpower Uganda. is a pioneer on the subject of foreign job recruitment as well as. We can assist you in locating employees from Uganda to other parts around the world, especially in countries within the Middle East, and other nations.

Foreign Recruitment
  • Define your ideal candidate
  • Identify new sourcing platforms
  • Build an international employer brand
  • We have great support marketing
  • Tailor your recruitment ads to specific regions
  • Start hiring internationally at the right time

Find someone who can help you understand the Foreign recruitment process.

There are two options for companies to how to be successful in Foreign recruitment. They can either learn by themselves in the time they have and outsourcing or hiring someone with the experience.

Non-Skilled Recruitment

hire unskilled workers who don’t have specific education or skills.

Semi-Skilled Recruitment

that are required for non-skilled work however, they are much more difficult.

Marketing Growth

looking for competent and skilled individuals to help support critical mission

For organizations looking to start recruiting internationally, it can be tough to know where to start or what considerations need to be taken into account.

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